We provide our partial service from Izmir and Istanbul for our business partners from countries where we have done extensive cooperation as an important contribution to the work carried out in Iraq. It is a challenge for any transportation company to be in northern and southern Iraq. Though it is a difficult field of logistics line, we are at the top of those companies which are professionals at their jobs. Our weekly loading capacity from Turkey to Iraq is 25 vehicles. We run all operational processes smoothly thanks to our team of experts in the field. Due to the fact that Turkish-plated vehicles cannot enter the south of the country (Baghdad, Najaf, Karbala, Basra …), we transfer the products to our Iraqi partners’ trucks in Kirkuk. In case the product is sensitive, we keep it in the Turkish trailer and deliver them to the aforementioned regions. Thanks to our offices located in Iraq, we can provide professional logistics services successfully. We are honored to see you among the companies we have a long partnership with… 


Cities we transport to in Iraq Cities we transport from in Turkey Cities we provide partial service
Basrah Istanbul Istanbul
Diwaniyah Izmir Izmir
Karbala Konya
Nasiriyah Mersin
Najaf Zonguldak
Baghdad Bursa
Sulaymaniyah Elazığ
Duhok Kayseri