From the very first day of our career, our focus was only on reaching the top with our professional team performance and no-fault policy. In addition to our traditional transportation services, we have built trust bridges between the countries we operate in through our offices and our local staff who provide “full service”, optimal transit time and competitive shipping rates. Our core principles are “Precision,” “Transparency,” “Honesty” and our concept is “Competition in Services and Prices”.
We offer partial shipping service from 81 provinces in Turkey, where goods are collected and then grouped in Izmir and Istanbul, and shipped to Romania, Iraq, Iran, Germany and the UK. We are keen to transport goods, whether one parcel or a large project with the same accuracy as we provide the most convenient and fast means of transport in the market. This is what distinguishes us from other competitors.
We reduce the time lost due to bureaucracy thanks to our customs team. If our clients do not have an import certificate or a customs broker, we provide all necessary documents to complete the legal procedures, inspection and clearance of imported goods at customs.
We guarantee the products by Lutz, German Insurance Company, the only company in this field in Iraq with a value of € 2,000,000 per year.
We are honored to see you among the companies with which we have a long-term partnership.